Covid-19 related services

Gelt International offers to its customers various services aimed at testing and verifying the effectiveness of the implemented protocols for the containment and control of contagion from Covid-19. See Covid-19 related services page for any detail.

Our experts coming from heterogeneous studies are working every day to support our customers with solutions, technical opinions, audits and analysis of products and processes of different markets. The marketability of a product in compliance to a specific regulatory framework or the risk assessment of a product or a production process require a deep and international knowledge of different topics – eg. hygiene, chemistry, biology, physics, mechanics, electronic, etc.- regulated by specific norms and laws.

Inks, paints and chemical products

We cooperate with companies that formulate chemical mixtures for different applications destined for different countries to classify them and characterize them in compliance with the performances described by international technical standards.

Soils and Wastes

We help companies, landfills and lawyers to technically extricate themselves from the
complex Italian and Community regulatory framework in the classification, characterization and analysis of excavation and waste land and rocks.


We assist the entire food supply chain
and not up to
the large-scale retail trade. We also check the quality of the display of the products, take units at the point of sale, check the quality of packaging...

Home appliances and Machinery

We check the conformity of electrical and electronic equipment of different sizes, we support our customers in the preparation of the Technical File, User Manual and maintenance, also for suitability for food use.


We support companies of different sizes in production according to good manufacturing practices, we support them in drafting technical dossiers and planning the most appropriate challenge tests.


Supportiamo i nostri clienti nell'ottimizzazione delle procedure di produzione, verifichiamo i requisiti dei fornitori e pianifichiamo i test di performance e di conformità di materiali idonei a diverse applicazioni industriali, incluso il contatto con alimenti.


We optimize process yields, evaluate the potential of new biomass and support biogas plant operators to manage process and plant problems, assessing and limiting environmental impacts.


We help companies and organizations to manage the water resource to prevent hygienic and chemical problems and to protect the health of users and the environment where it is downloaded with specific monitoring plans.


The quality of the food we are eating every day is essential for our health. We want to give our contribution collaborating with the different food companies of the whole chain.

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