Soils and Wastes

Men are producing everyday wastes. Every kind of activity is asked to codify the wastes it is producing according to the process that

The quality of the objects or parts of the machines we are buying is deriving not only from their design or from the kind of their material, but also from the specifics of the material itself.  It is not sufficient to know that a bottle is made of polyethylene (PE) to be sure that it is suitable for food contact. Again, we cannot know how much does it take to a decorated glass before its colours will start degrading.

All materials are subjects to a wear strictly connected to their specific use, that is also defining chemical, physical and microbiological risks for users (in a Risk Assessment frame).


We are supporting our customers to optimize the production procedures, to check suppliers requirements and to plan performance tests for specific industrial applications, including food contact.


All this is guaranteed to our customers with the long experience of our experts through the following services:

  • Plan of chemical, physical, microbiological analysis to qualify a material and/or to verify its compliance to referring laws
  • Edit user’s and maintenance manuals (including CE)
  • Edit User’s Manual (including specifics if applicable, as per example hygienic aspects, users’ safety, etc.)
  • Consultancy for the implementation of quality systems (e.g. ISO 9001, GMP, traceability systems, etc.)
  • Label check of products, referring to their intendent use
  • Supporting documentation check (MSDS, compliance declaration, data sheets, etc.)