In the last decade, the sustainable exploitation of renewable resources or food industry byproducts led to the construction of thousands of biogas plants in Europe, including more than 1,000 only in Italy. These plants are anaerobic fermenters which transform vegetable mass, animal mass or wastes into gases used for the production of electrical energy or biomethane.
The proper biological management, the analysis of the feed (inputs) or of the eventual leaks, the proper management of the wastes and water mean an optimization of the energy production, of the plant safety (including work safety), but especially they mean a management of the plant in compliance with the different rules of national and local laws.
All this is guaranteed to our customers with the long experience of our experts through the following services:
– Biological service
– Definition of analytical monitoring plans
– Chemical and microbiological analysis

– Feeding optimization

– Start up of new plants

– Professional sampling

– Evaluation of biogas yield of new feeding stocks

– Mass balance

– Economical evaluation


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