Water is essential for the life. Climate changes, pollution and bad management are pauperizing the quality of water and this is a potential risk for our health.

For the minimization of chemical and microbiological risks,  some actions are necessary, eg. the technical evaluation of the water system design, of the routine maintenance operations, of the quality of the inlet, etc. These steps are the basis for the definition of the prevention and monitoring plans – the so-called Water Safety Plans, Water Risk Assessments (including Legionella Risk Assessment)- and the definition of the training of the staff of the relative buildings, without forgetting the importance of the statistical evaluation of the collected data.

The water management is always important, not only for the facilities that host the most sensitive people (hospitals,  nursing homes, retirement homes), but also for accommodation (hotels, hostels, etc.) and facilities where the risk is identified (gyms, medium- large companies, activities with cooling towers, swimming pools, spas, etc.).

Our expert water managers, chemists and biologists are serving our customers with the following services:

  • Legionella Risk Assessment
  • Water Safety Plans
  • Chemical and microbiological analysis of drinking water, ground water, brown water, spa, swimming pool, process water