Home appliances and Machinery

The compliance of electric and electronic appliances is more and more related to a thorough Risk Assessment in order to protect users and maintainers in their intended or foreseeable use. The design, the type of materials, their specific characteristics, but also the ordinary maintenance procedures and frequencies have a significant impact on the safety of the appliance itself. Our multidisciplinary experiences are able to translate this into a technical file and a manual for use and maintenance, including the food contact appliance.


All this is guaranteed to our customers with the long experience of our experts through the following services:

  • Plan of chemical, physical, microbiological analysis to qualify a material and/or to verify its compliance to referring laws
  • Edit user’s and maintenance manuals (including CE)
  • Edit User’s Manual (including specifics if applicable, as per example hygienic aspects, users’ safety, etc.)
  • Consultancy for the implementation of quality systems (e.g. ISO 9001, GMP, traceability systems, etc.)
  • Label check of products, referring to their intendent use
  • Supporting documentation check (MSDS, compliance declaration, data sheets, etc.)
  • Audit at production plants of customers and at their suppliers’ plants (Italy or abroad)
  • Legal opinions, technical reports, experts support
  • Second party audits
  • Waste classification
  • Support to request/renew of environmental authorization
  • Congress with opinion leaders and Authorities